Lamont Young: The Architect Who Wanted to Build Venice in Naples

Young napoli 1536x769 1

The English architect Lamont Young was the first to design a subway system in Naples and a futuristic new district in the sea off Bagnoli, known as the Venice neighborhood.

Young seemed to be ahead of his time, with his ideas anticipating many of the trends that would only be seen in Europe in the decades that followed.

In the urban history of Naples, there was an ambitious city expansion project that was never initiated and is now almost forgotten: the Venice neighborhood. At the end of the 19th century, many urban planners and architects believed that the only direction for expanding the historic city center was towards the west, which included the plain and the Bagnoli neighborhood, beyond the Posillipo hill. Among them was Lamont Young, an English architect born in Naples, who designed several villas and castles that still contribute to the city’s architecture today. Learn more.

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