Specialized real estate agency for luxury properties market in Rome

Specialized real estate agency for luxury properties market in Rome

Rome Real Estate is a specialized real estate agency for luxury properties market in Rome

We are specialized in a unique and dynamic segment of the real estate industry.

Rome is a city known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and timeless charm, making it an attractive destination for high-net-worth individuals seeking luxurious and exclusive real estate options.
Here’s a description of our specializations in the real estate market for luxury properties in Rome:

  1. Prestigious Locations: we manage several properties located in some of the city’s most prestigious and historic neighborhoods. This includes areas like the Historic Center (Centro Storico), Trastevere, Aventino, Parioli, and the upscale districts around Villa Borghese.

  2. Architectural Grandeur: Luxury properties in Rome often feature architectural grandeur, boasting historic elements such as frescoed ceilings, ornate facades, and beautifully preserved antique details. Many of these properties are housed in historic palazzos or villas.

  3. Exclusive Amenities: High-end properties come with a range of exclusive amenities, such as private gardens, swimming pools, concierge services, private parking, and 24/7 security. These amenities contribute to the overall opulence and exclusivity of the properties.

  4. Spectacular Views: Many luxury properties in Rome offer breathtaking views of the city’s iconic landmarks, including the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, or the Vatican. These views add to the allure of the properties.

  5. Interior Design and Decor: Luxury homes in Rome often feature meticulously designed interiors. These interiors may combine modern conveniences with classical aesthetics, using high-end materials and furnishings that are both tasteful and luxurious.

  6. Privacy and Exclusivity: The luxury real estate market in Rome places a strong emphasis on privacy and exclusivity. Gated communities, discreet entrances, and security measures ensure that residents can enjoy a sense of seclusion and safety.

  7. Renovated and Restored Properties: Many luxury homes in Rome are historical properties that have been carefully restored and renovated to meet modern living standards while preserving their unique character. Renovations often involve collaboration with renowned architects and designers.

  8. High Price Range: Luxury properties in Rome come with a premium price tag, reflecting their exceptional quality, location, and amenities. Prices for luxury apartments and villas can range from several million euros to tens of millions of euros.

  9. International Clientele: The luxury real estate market in Rome attracts a diverse, international clientele, including high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, diplomats, and business leaders looking for a slice of la dolce vita in the Eternal City.

  10. Cultural and Culinary Proximity: Luxury properties in Rome often provide easy access to the city’s cultural and culinary treasures, including world-class museums, theaters, and Michelin-starred restaurants, contributing to the overall lifestyle experience.

    In conclusion, the real estate market for luxury properties in Rome, in which we specialize, is a distinctive segment that is aimed at a demanding and wealthy clientele. These properties offer a unique blend of historic charm, modern comfort and exclusive amenities in one of the most iconic cities in the world.

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