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Studio Fori Architecture offers an accessory service to evaluate possible renovation and restoring for  redistribution or furnishing of residencial or commercial spaces. Our architects, Simone Santulli Sanzo and Alessandro Mori , will be able to carry out a preliminary project, to highlight the possible interventions on each property that we offer in our portfolio of offers or directly on the property you have already purchased.

Complete consultancy at very reasonable costs
Ours architects will be able to provide you with a quick preliminary consultation (free of charge) and if interested a subsequent detailed design at absolutely reasonable costs. Restoring or furnishing your home, or the house you intend to use as an investment, requires an economic commitment to be carefully evaluated, and if done on the basis of a good project, it allows a significant saving on the work that will be carried out, optimizing time and overall home purchase costs.
The partner architects of our studio are able to offer you high quality projects and solutions with competitive design costs.

Offered services :

  • existing homes to be renovated or rearranged (apartments, houses, old farmhouses, …)
  • housing under construction (improvement of projects proposed by the construction company)
  • reorganization and modification of the housing layout
  • reorganization and modification of the commercial layout
  • design of spaces and furnishings for offices and professional offices
  • design of a single environment;
  • design and furnishing of terraces, gardens, swimming pools

They are included

  1. Free estimate of the works by a company specialized in building renovations based on the architectural project;
  2. Works Management and Safety Coordination on site;
  3. Carrying out all the administrative procedures necessary to obtain urban planning authorizations and tax deductions.

Following a series of works carried out by our team directed by Arch. Alessandro Mori and Simone Santulli

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