A restyling project for Caracalla in Rome


The restyling project will allow pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy a completely redeveloped space in the center of Rome, a project that will cover approximately 1.2 kilometers. As specified in a statement from the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure, the green area between Viale delle Terme di Caracalla and Via Valle delle Camene will be redefined, redesigned, and made accessible to Romans and tourists. The project includes the creation of pedestrian pathways inside, with the possibility of recreating historical routes.

This road serves as the gateway to the sports area and the gardens of Caracalla, the Aranciera di Roma Capitale, and the wedding site of the Vignola Mattei Complex.

The City Council has approved a feasibility project, and the dates for the executive project have not yet been set, but it is expected to be carried out in 2023. For more details, you can visit this page.

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