Rome History

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Penthouse created in a former convent with conservative restoration

As is often the case in the prestigious areas of central Rome, buildings that are rebuilt or restored always preserve the memory of previous layers. In the case of this charming penthouse for sale on Via Mecenate in the Colle Oppio district of Rome, the restoration work is prominently displayed at the entrance of the building in an outdoor area that precedes access to the structure. The restoration...


A restyling project for Caracalla in Rome

The restyling project will allow pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy a completely redeveloped space in the center of Rome, a project that will cover approximately 1.2 kilometers. As specified in a statement from the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure, the green area between Viale delle Terme di Caracalla and Via Valle delle Camene will be redefined, redesigned, and made accessible to Romans and...

Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere

Rioni of Rome

Rioni off Rome   Monti Trevi Colonna Campo Marzio Ponte Parione Regola Sant'Eustachio Pigna Campitelli Sant'Angelo Ripa Trastevere Borgo Esquilino Ludovisi Sallustiano Castro Pretorio Celio Testaccio Prati San Saba The Roman Regiones The first urban subdivision was established in the 6th century BC. by Servio Tullio. 4 regions were established within the...

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