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Lamont Young: The Architect Who Wanted to Build Venice in Naples

The English architect Lamont Young was the first to design a subway system in Naples and a futuristic new district in the sea off Bagnoli, known as the Venice neighborhood. Young seemed to be ahead of his time, with his ideas anticipating many of the trends that would only be seen in Europe in the decades that followed. In the urban history of Naples, there was an ambitious city expansion project...


A restyling project for Caracalla in Rome

The restyling project will allow pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy a completely redeveloped space in the center of Rome, a project that will cover approximately 1.2 kilometers. As specified in a statement from the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure, the green area between Viale delle Terme di Caracalla and Via Valle delle Camene will be redefined, redesigned, and made accessible to Romans and...


In the thriving real estate market of Milan, luxury real estate buyers see Rome as a new destination of opportunity

Rome: Homes at Half the Price Compared to Milan With Brexit forcing bankers to relocate from London to other European cities, the luxury real estate market in Milan is booming. However, buyers in search of more affordable properties (and with less competition) are starting to look to other destinations, such as Rome's historic urban fabric. In this context, Rome emerges as one of the preferred...

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Puglia Petrucci Palace

Puglia - Lecce - Palazzo Petrucci The palace Ancient Palazzo Petrucci in the historic center of Trepuzi, a jewel of the sixteenth-century architect. Built starting from the 16th century, the palace is located in the ancient core of the town, next to the Mother church. Since 1998 it has been recognized of historical and artistic interest. The building in carparo is divided into two bodies: the oldest...

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Capital gain on property sale

The term capital gain indicates the difference between the purchase price of a property and the sale price when a speculative transaction takes place and is subject to taxation. Those who carry out this activity by profession (such as construction companies) are excluded from this burden, who are subject to invoicing and VAT to pay taxes on the sale of a property. However, the tax authorities have...


Pigneto, Centocelle e Alessandrino, the coolest neighborhoods in the capital

The Pigneto as Poblenou in Barcelona and Belleville in Paris, Centocelle as Jaurès or the Londoners Toting or Shepherd's Bush, the Alexandrian as El Clot or Montreuil. Pigneto, Centocelle and Alessandrino, according to Badi, the leading platform for renting rooms (, are the most "cool" neighborhoods in the capital. Those in which there is a significant increase in research and which are...

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Investments in luxury properties in Rome, Milan and Venice

According to the Observatory of Exclusive Residences,  the sale of luxury properties in Milan and Rome begins to rise again. The first half of 2015 showed signs of a trend towards consolidation in the sector, already recorded in the previous half year. The increase in transactions for this segment of the real estate market, the highest one, stood at + 32%. Positive signs, therefore, especially because,...

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